Drew M. P. Peltier

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Lethal drought impacts NSC cycling. Piñon pine (P. edulis) is a foundation tree species in the southwestern US experiencing ongoing mortality from climate change drought. I am seeking to understand how lethal drought in this species may influence the remobilization and use of very old nonstructural carbohydrates (NSC), with an emphasis on understanding novel mechanisms of mortality. This work is using 0%, 45%, and 90% drought treatments in mature piñon at the Sevilleta LTER. Early evidence suggests long term drought exhausts old NSC reserves, forcing surviving trees to rely on very recent photosynthate. A recent piñon ips (bark beetle) outbreak at the Sevilleta LTER drought has resulted in measurements of NSC storage in roots and the bole as trees die.

Drought legacies and climatic memory in tree growth. Trees are uniquely long lived, and so their responses to the environment integrate climate across multiple time scales. While we often assume growth-climate relationships to be time-invariant, my work has uniquely contributed to quantifying drought legacies—slow recoveries of growth sensitivities following drought—sometimes longer than 5 years. Recent papers have quantified the impact of La Niña events (ENSO cold-phase), compounded drought (multiple drought years in a row), and the broader implications of temporal variability in tree growth-climate sensitivity.


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IN REVIEW OR IN REVISION                         

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I give a tree ring class annually with the Highlands Center for Natural History in Prescott, AZ.

Talking about tree rings, climate change, and tree physiology on the Colorado Plateau with students at Magnum Ranch with the Grand Canyon Trust. https://www.grandcanyontrust.org/our-work