June 2021 – Lab members Jim, Aaron, Austin, Andrew and Mariah had a successful install of new DOE project equipment on Snodgrass Mountain near Crested Butte, Colorado.

March 2021 – Austin Simonpietri will be joining the lab in the fall as new PhD student in the Department of Biological Sciences.

November 2020 – New project in collaboration with Andrew Richardson and George Koch funded by NSF researching the role of nonstructural carbon reserves in resprouting and resilience in the tallest trees on Earth, the coast redwood.

October 2020New paper in Global Change Biology by Bond-Lamberty et al. which describes the first automated soil respiration database.

September 2020 – Open call for graduate students (PhD only) in our lab, and MS and PhD students in Ecoss more generally. See announcement here and more info on the prospective students page.

August 2020 – New project funded by DOE researching ecohydrological controls on root and microbial respiration in the East River watershed of Colorado.

July 2020 – New Virtual Special Issue in New Phytologist:  Plant carbon allocation in a changing world, with co-editors Henrik Hartmann, Michael Bahn, and Andrew Richardson.

June 2020 New paper in Tree Physiology by Furze et al. about NSC distributions and age in mature trees at Harvard Forest.

February 2020New paper in JGR Biogeosciences by Berkelhammer et al. that looks at conifer water-use (snow versus rain) at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory in Colorado.

November 2019 – Open call for graduate students (PhD only) in our lab, and MS and PhD students in Ecoss more generally. See Ecoss webpage for announcement. If you are interested in doing a PhD, please email Mariah.

September 2019 –  Drew Peltier led an outreach class on tree ring science and climate change on the North rim of the Grand Canyon with the Grand Canyon Trust. More here.

August 2019 – MRI funded by NSF that will allow the addition of automated graphitization and gas analyses peripherals to measure 14C on the new AMS at NAU (arriving in 2020).

July 2019 – New project funded by NSF to look at the age of C used by trees under large scale experimental drought at the Sevilleta LTER in New Mexico.   With this grant, Drew Peltier joins the lab as a postdoc.

April 2019New paper in Ag & Forest Met by Carbone et al. about a new software application called Flux Puppy, for manual flux measurements of CO2 and H2O. More info on Flux Puppy here.

March 2019 – Paul Roman will be joining the lab in the fall as a PhD student in SICCS. Paul has been awarded a prestigious T3 Fellowship in Ecological and Environmental Informatics.

January 2019 New paper in Biogeosciences by Hilman et al. about the refixation of respired CO2 in tree stems across ecosystems.

October 2018 New paper in New Phytologist by Furze et al. about NSC seasonal patterns and budgets in mature trees at Harvard Forest.

September 2018 – Open call for graduate students (PhD only) in our lab, and MS and PhD students in Ecoss more generally. See Ecoss announcement. If you are interested, please email Mariah.

August 2018New Phytologist special collection: Plant allocation in a changing world. Guest-edited by Henrik Hartmann, Michael Bahn, Andrew Richardson, and Mariah Carbone. Submission instructions here.

Targeted questions: 1) what drives carbon allocation in plants and ecosystems? 2) what is the fate of newly assimilated carbon? 3) what determines the allocation of nonstructural carbon to growth, metabolism and storage? 4) how does carbon allocation affect nutrient and water relations in plant and ecosystems? and 5) how do allocation patterns change under changing environmental conditions and what are the consequences for biogeochemical cycles?